MED-V – Changing the Workspace Memory pre-deployment

I’ve been working on developing a MED-V workspace for my company.  It’s going to be used to run a single application, and as such, it shouldn’t need much memory.  Some of the systems the workspace will run on will have only 2GB of memory so I don’t want to be using 1GB for the workspace.  I fiddled around for a while trying to find the way to make this change before I started investigating the powershell script in the workspace directory.  If you haven’t run the Workspace Packager yet, this directory won’t exist, but you can copy the commands below into a PS1 and run them yourself.  I would run the Workspace Packager first though so you better understand the options.  In the PS1 file there are a couple of new Med-V specific commandlets used: New-MedvConfiguration,  Export-MedvConfiguration, New-MedvWorkspace, and Export-MedvWorkspace.  Here’swhat my PS1 script looks like (with any company specific info removed, of course!):

Import-module -Name “Microsoft.Medv”

$regFileInfo = New-MedvConfiguration -VmNetworkingMode “BRIDGED” -UxLogonStartEnabled “False” -UxCredentialCacheEnabled “False” -UxRedirectUrls “” -FtsMode “Attended” -VmMultiUserEnabled “True” -FtsAddUserToAdminGroupEnabled “False” -FtsStartDialogMsg “A virtual environment is being created for application compatibility. The first time setup process can take several minutes to complete.” -FtsFailureDialogMsg “First time setup failed while creating a virtual environment for application compatibility.” -FtsRetryDialogMsg “First time setup failed while creating a virtual environment for application compatibility.” -FtsSetComputerNameEnabled “True” -FtsComputerNameMask “v%hostname%[14]” -FtsSetRegionalSettingsEnabled “True” -FtsSetUserDataEnabled “True” -FtsSetJoinDomainEnabled “True” -FtsSetMachineObjectOUEnabled “True” -VmMemory 512 | Export-MedvConfiguration -Path “C:\Users\heaths\Documents\MyCompany XP VM\MyCompany XP VM.reg” -PassThru

if ($regFileInfo) #If the .Reg file was created, then create the workspace package

{                 New-MedvWorkspace -WorkspaceName “MyCompany XP VM” -VhdFilePath “C:\Users\heaths\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines\MyCompany XP VM.vhd” -SettingsFilePath “C:\Users\heaths\Documents\MyCompany XP VM\MyCompany XP VM.reg” -VhdRegPath “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization\MEDV_InternetZoneHighSecurity.reg,C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization\MEDV_RestrictedBrowsingMode_Apply.reg” | Export-MedvWorkspace -Path “C:\Users\heaths\Documents\MyCompany XP VM\MyCompany XP VM.msi” -Overwrite }

OK, that’s a lot of stuff, but let’s look at what’s relevant to this post.  New-MedvConfiguration generates the object that will define your Virtual Machines properties.  Look for -VMMemory.  It’s near the end of the line, but before the Export-MedvConfiguration command.  This setting let’s me change the Virtual Machine’s memoru setting from the default 1024 MB to 512 MB.

So if you are deploying a Med-V Workspace for your company and you’d like to change the default memory setting pre-deployment, that’s how you do it!

UPDATE: I found this blog article that has great info as well.


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