Fun VBScript tip

When writing a VBScript designed to run at a command prompt (or "console") you some times want to not have to write data to a new line.
For instance, you might want to write a "." each time you loop through a array or collection so that you know something is happening.  Using WScript.Echo each use generates a CR\LF, much like using the vbCrLf constant or the textstream.writeline method.
This is where the WScript.StdOut.Write method comes in handy.  While not well documented this method works exactly like we need it to.  Take the following example where rsNames is a result set from an ADO query:
Do While Not rsNames.EOF
  If rsNames.Fields.Item(0).Value = "Bob" Then
    ‘ Write a period to show work then start a new line
    WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "."
    Wscript.StdOut.WriteLine "I found Bob!"
    Exit Do
    ‘ Write a period to show work
    Wscript.StdOut.Write "."
  End If
And if you really want to have some fun you could go for the "rotating line":
a = 0
b = 10000000
c = "\"
do while a < b
  if c = "\" then
    c = "|"
  elseif c = "|" then
    c = "/"
  elseif c = "/" then
    c = "-"
  elseif c = "-" then
    c = "\"
  end if
  wscript.stdout.write chr(08) & c
Just for clarification chr(08) is a backspace and the sleep for 100 milliseconds makes the rotation direction of the line more obvious. : )
Have fun!

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