Has Powershell arrived?

I’d have to say yes.  I have been holding out for quite a long time when it comes to Powershell as it really didn’t seem to be taking hold in the marketplace.  I didn’t know anyone who was coding with it or even installing it on their systems.  With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 releases looming on the horizon I decided to give it a second look.  The Powershell 2 CTP3 is out, and since I am using Windows 7 RC1, it is preinstalled. 
I took a Microsoft Powershell class this week and I am very impressed.  There is a huge reduction in the amount of coding necessary to complete many function, very specifically WMI.  I use WMI for all sorts of tasks and reducing complexity is always good.
My pet project right now is to create a script to execute a command against every computer object in a domain and parse the results.  The hard part?  Doing it on 50 systems simultaneously.  The harder part?  Monitoring the commands and starting new jobs as old ones completed.
But not with Powershell 2!  New cmdlets Start-Job, Get-Job, and Receive-Job make this a snap!  I am almost done testing a script to automate running ad hoc commands against several hundred systems in a child domain.  My testing has gone very well and right now I am just working on logic to parse the results and determine success or failure.
I hope to have the script posted by Tuesday.

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