Idera makes some cool stuff!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been doing some fun stuff.  I’ve been testing a few Idera applications, namely SQL Mobile Manager and SQL Diagnostic Manager.  We;ve got a lot going on here at work.  We are putting in a new SAN (Hitachi USP with 54+ TB), consolidating our SQL server environment, implementing HP Polyserve, and trying to get VMWare Lab Manager up and running.  So how about some detail…
Mobile manager is awesome!  I was able to set it up in minutes and be monitoring business critical SQL servers from my AT&T Tilt in under 10 minutes.  It has an awesome visual server view that shows you important stats like transaction\sec, processor queue, disk busy %, buffer cahce hit ratio, and disk queue.  You can also run SQL commands ad hoc or run preset commands to save typing.  You can view all the alerts for a given server and it even gives you tips on how to correct issues.  Quite an awesome tool!  Diagnostic Manager is great as well.  Another simple install and I was watching several servers and receiving useful information about which tables needed defragmentation or reindexing.  It was nice to be able to just do a quick glance each morning to see what jobs failed and which servers might need a little TLC.  I hope that we might be able to swing a little funding sometime soon and pick up these products. 
Our SQL Server consolidation project should start as soon as we finish getting the new SAN in.  Outside of need the storage for SQL and VMWare, I’m not really involved in the deployment.  But SANs are just cool!  I can’t wait to go the the data center and check it out.  We are starting off by consolidating 10 discreet servers running 11 instances onto 3 discreet servers.  2 for production (8 Instances) and 1 for test (3 instances).  We went with HP DL380s with 2 Quad-Core X5460 Xeon processors.  This saves us money on SQL licensing over the DL580 with 4 7300 series Xeons that are a generation in technology behind.  Each box has 32GB of RAM, 3 72GB 15K Dual Port SAS drives, 2 dual port FC HBAs, and 6 ethernet ports.  We hope to have them racked and ready with OS and standard supprt agents by mid September.  We can’t do anything without the SAN, which won’t be available for new hosts until sometime after mid-September.  What HP Polyserve will do for us is virtualize the network and SAN connections so that we can essentially cluster all the instances over the 3 nodes.  We will be able to fail over to any box with any instance giving SQL instances that previously had no redundancy.  Check out HP’s website for all the juicy details.
And fianlly, Lab Manager.  This product allows us to generate test environments almost instantly.  Lab Manager 3 just came out, so I am having to retthink my strategy a little as it now integrates with Virtual Center.  When we went through our testing phase we used Lab Manager 2.5, but 3.0 add so much new functionality, it would be crazy not to use it.  Now you can provide better security, monitor through Virtual Center, and create multiple virtual networks.  I am about to begin a new test phase, but I have plenty of time because this project is also SAN dependant.
I’m off to do some work!  If you have any questions about the products mentioned drop me a line.  I hope to cover some new VBScripts I’ve written in my next post, so check back (hopefully soon!)

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