SQL Health and History

I was recently asked if I could help find a way to monitor the file usage on our SQL servers to help us better predict our future storage needs and so that large jumps in storage usage can be reviewed.  So I set about looking around trying to find a solution.  Being the VBScript zealot that I am I started thinking about all the ways I could retreive the database info from servers, then get the file and pull it’s size attribute, and insert that data into a database.
Wow, what a whipping!
Then I stumbled accross SQLH2 while looking for something else.  Man I love this tool!  It creates a database in the location of your liking and sets up a scheduled job to poll each server using standard Windows tools like WMI and store that information in your SQLHRepository.  Using SQL Server Reporting you are able to few the reports and give others access to them as well.   Download it at:
And get the canned reports at:

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