Cool Utilties

I was perusing my PC today and was looking at some of my favorites utilities and thought I’d make a list.  So here it is along with some links!
1. Cain & Abel – Sniffer with cool features.  Nice for recording VoIP calls on your own network.
2. CPU-Z – Great for finding out details about youtr CPU, motherboard, and memory config.
3. Unknown Devices – Uses PCI device codes to tell you what your unknown device is!
4. 7-Zip – Nice free file archiver with support for all the standard formats.  Native 7z format has great compression ratio.
5. Hamachi – I used this before LogMeIn bought it and it was cool then.  Very easy and fast private network across the Internet with NAT transversal.
6. Sysinternals – Another product that’s been around forever.  Now owned by Microsoft and still being developed and improved.
7. CutePDF – Who doesn’t like making PDFs for free?
8. TreeSize – Easiest way I’ve ever seen to find where all those gigabytes are hiding.  I can’t even remember a time I didn’t use this software anymore!
9. ImgBurn – The easiest way to burn CD\DVD images.
So that’s just a few of my favorite utilities.  Enjoy!

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